Fall 2011 Student work

Group 1 : Alberto Avalos & Jordan Lohr


Group 2: Marcorel Atilus,  Saul Beniquez, and Matthew Herland


Group 3: Adam Corbin, Cody Neuburger,and Nannette Suarez


Group 4: Sayyid Khan, Pablo Pastran, and Kevin Rios


Group 5: Eric Cho, Ashani Collins, and Fabbio Edwards


Group 6: Abdullah Alshaibani, Anthony Foreshaw, and Whilton Simon


Group 7: Luiz Dias, John Ianno, and Thomas Rutherford


Fall 2010 student work.

1.   Joseph Gundel  as webmaster  and on overall flow

2.    Marcorel Atilus and Charles Norona on Robotic Image Processing. Project Proposal, Final Report

3.   Tom Mainville on RTOS and Concurrency. Project PresentationFinal Project Presentation

4.    Brian Chamba on Android and Animation. Final Report

5.    Rydon Samaroo, Jonathan Mejias, and Sayyid Khan on System Design(Quad Copter).Project Presentation, Project Demonstration, Final Report

6.    Michael Trank on location awareness. Project Proposal , Final Project Presentation

7.    Joseph Gundel and Lan Reeder on Bluetooth, Xbee. Project Proposal, Final Project Presentation,Project Demonstration

8.    Dr. Shankar on Academics and References.

9.  James Zacka on Efficient C.

10.  Ulysse Loigene on Robotic Motion and Collision Avoidance

11.  Evan Rowley on Vision Algoritms

12.  Edward Ruffing on Temperature Sensors and Bluetooth. Final Report