Robot Base being used for our prototype is this 4WD base from Trossen Robotics:

4 wheel drive robot base

This a well designed, Arduino compatible mobile robot development platform. The rover is easy to build and provides a great starting point for your next robotics project. The high-strength aluminum alloy body material provides a solid base to build on and mobility in a variety of different environments; indoors, outdoors, dirt, grass, gravel, the surface of Mars, and even some sloped surfaces. The base also provides mounting space for a variety of sensors.


  • 4WD Arduino compatible mobile robot development platform
  • Mounting hole pattern for Arduino, Seeeduino, Freeduino
  • 4 high-quality micro-speed motor
  • Tough aluminium body with mounting holes
  • Variety of sensors can be added


  • 4WD Mobile platform Motors: 3-12V DC
  • Speed: 90cm/S
  • Dimensions: 200mmX170mmX105mm
  • Weight: 660g

Package list:

  • Aluminium chassis X1
  • wheels x 4
  • Motors x 4