We propose to build an environment of physical computing at FAU. Physical computing involves intelligent autonomous robots that synergistically achieve a major team-oriented objective. We will build a prototype of physical computing environment with 16 robots that will play an indoor mini-Chess game, as per the moves made by two players with remote control. There are many engineering challenges of design, fabrication, performance optimization, and error-free, concurrent, and coordinated operation. Engineering students from all the sub-disciplines will benefit. Our initial focus is on students in one department, the Computer and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (CEECS) Department, where a course entitled “Android Projects” is currently being taught by Dr. Shankar expressly for this purpose. The students are developing building blocks towards our overall goal. Please see the section on Student Works to see more details on the various student projects. We will develop a low cost robotic kit with multiple autonomous robots that are programmed to achieve a coordinated goal. These robots will be managed at a high level remotely via Android phones. We will use the game of chess to showcase the development of this technology.