FAU’s Robotics Club is interested in using our low cost robots to solve Math problems. The ultimate goal is to develop math lessons based on our low cost robots that will help spur interest in Math for middle and high school students. These students will use robots to visualize and iteratively solve the Math problems, thereby gaining insight and confidence in solving such problems. If you are interested, please talk to one of the following engineering undergraduate students: Jean Lapix (EE), Johnny Yuen (ME), Bianca Mesa (ME), and Vinay Nunni (ME- working engineer). Two others have shown interest. The above list of engineering students will build and program these robots, one each, and use them to develop solutions for a given set of math challenges. I have already posted the set and my approaches at a Google Doc site of FAU. If you wish to have access to it, write to me at shankar@fau.edu.  We have built up collaborations with local schools and non-profit agencies, so there will be opportunities to teach younger students about Robotics and Math.

We also submitted a proposal to NSF in December ’13, in collaboration with the Math department, to better understand how best to introduce robotics in middle school Math curriculum.