These are links to the blog sites of undergraduate engineering student teams¬† enrolled in “Embedded Robotics” during Fall 2011. The course had majors from computer engineering, computer science, and electrical engineering.

Fall 2011 Student work

Group 1 : Alberto Avalos & Jordan Lohr

Group 2: Marcorel Atilus,  Saul Beniquez, and Matthew Herland

Group 3: Adam Corbin, Cody Neuburger,and Nannette Suarez

Group 4: Sayyid Khan, Pablo Pastran, and Kevin Rios

Group 5: Eric Cho, Ashani Collins, and Fabbio Edwards

Group 6: Abdullah Alshaibani, Anthony Foreshaw, and Whilton Simon

Group 7: Luiz Dias, John Ianno, and Thomas Rutherford