When a button is pressed in the program an ASCII character is sent from the bluetooth of the phone to the BlueSmirf Bluetooth module hooked up to the Arduino Board using the serial port.

The Upgraded Android Bluetooth Remote written by Brian Chamba.

The directions send numbers 1-8 starting from the top and working around clockwise.  The speed sends s, m, f for slow medium and fast.  The x,y, z buttons send x y z.  The only buttons that send data continuously while held are the directional buttons.  In order to control how often a message is sent when the button is being held, you will see i have timer % 10 for the directional buttons.

Screenshot of Bluetooth remote on Android 2.1 phone.

Download SampleBluetooth code

Sample Bluetooth Robot Control code
written By Joseph Gundel
not all buttons from remote implemented

Download  Sample Bluetooth Arduino Robot Code

if (inChar==’2′)  //Forward Right